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American Dream continues its delicious creativity in its limited Halloween line

American Dream Nut Butter Halloween Flavors

This coming Monday, the high-protein nut butter brand American Dream, is getting in on the Halloween action with a whole host of new and exclusive flavors. If you’ve been following the brand at all here at Stack3d, you’ll know American Dream takes every opportunity to give fans something fun, exciting, and limited edition, so it’s no surprise it’s jumping on All Hallow’s Eve.

American Dream has put together four Halloween flavors, starting with Monster Munch, featuring a caramel popcorn flavored almond butter with crushed pretzels, chocolate candies, and caramel chips. Next is the mouth-watering A Twixted Treat with separate chocolate and caramel layers of cashew butter, topped with caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and shortbread cookies.

Next up is American Dream’s Thicka Than A Snicker throwing caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and peanuts on top of a delicious nougat and caramel peanut butter. Lastly is One Tough Cookie, with all proceeds of this one to be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and it brings together a cookie dough cashew butter with chocolate candies, and chocolate and sandwich cookies.

As per usual, all of American Dream’s limited edition efforts sound absolutely delicious, and once again, you’ll be able to get your hands on jars of any or all of them this coming Monday through its website at precisely 9 PM Eastern Time.