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ANS maintains the original Prophecy formula for its rebranded version

Ans Performance Prophecy Pre Workout Rebrand

ANS Performance has launched the refreshed-looking version of its effective pre-workout Prophecy, which we posted about late last week, suspecting it to be a reformulation and rebrand. Our idea of it having a new formula came from the tub weight of the updated Prophecy being a little lighter than the original by a gram or so, tipping the scales at 20.3g per serving versus 22g.

It turns out, every ingredient and dose from ANS Performance’s first iteration of Prophecy has been carried over to the new one, meaning it is only a rebrand. This is something the Canadian company did earlier this year for its stimulant-free, pump pre-workout Dilate, giving it a label design to match its other recent supplements, but kept all of the balanced ingredients and dosages the same.

ANS Performance’s updated Prophecy can be seen in the image above, which is indeed different from its predecessor, getting that edgier, urban-style branding seen on Ritual, Diablo, and Dilate. You can purchase the rebranded and solid pre-workout from the ANS website, with two previous Prophecy flavors in Blue Bombsicle and Peach Mango, and the all-new Pink Lemonade.