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Simpler BCAA-based functional drink is on the way from Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Bcaa Beverages

Applied Nutrition is one of the most diverse supplement companies on the market, spanning not just many different categories but a strong range of formats as well. In the world of beverage, the UK-based brand has its enjoyable carbonated version of the ABE pre-workout, and it is packed with pre-workout-style ingredients as opposed to a simple energy beverage formula.

Sometime soon, Applied Nutrition is going to have another carbonated functional drink on the market, taking an approach we see more commonly from European countries. On the way from the brand is BCAA Amino Hydrate, a BCAA-based beverage with 5g of BCAAs per can, and the energizing version BCAA Amino Hydrate + Energy, combining the BCAAs with 100mg of caffeine.

The BCAA Amino Hydrate drinks are going to have zero sugar and are coming in at least one flavor to start with Strawberry Soda. The product will be an excellent addition to the Applied Nutrition family; as mentioned, the only energy drink it has at the moment is ABE. BCAA Amino Hydrate will give fans something simpler for anytime energy without the performance ingredients of ABE.