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Mysterious intra-workout product in the works with beverage giant Bang

Bang Intra Workout Drink

The team behind Bang Energy has revealed it’s working on an all-new beverage, and it’s not necessarily for the same time of day you’d have the likes of a Bang Energy drink or Bang Keto Coffee. There is no name for the product; as mentioned, the brand is only working on it, although the setting in which it’s being tested gives us some idea of what it might be.

Bang Energy is referring to the mystery product as a cutting-edge formula, and the timing of when you drink it is of utmost importance. The beverage is apparently designed to be thrown down during your workout or any sort of exercise. That has us thinking we’re in for a amino drink with maybe a solid dose of EAAs to support recovery, and nothing for energy.

Bang Energy does already use EAAs in its flagship energy drink, hence why we’re suspecting it could be a more amino-focused product with that being the only or at least main feature. We’re definitely excited to see how this intra-workout drink turns out, as it sounds quite different from the high-powered and high-energy beverages we typically see from Bang.

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