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Spain’s Big Man Nutrition produces its newest fat burner in pack format

Big Man Nutrition Ignix Pack

Ignix Pack is the newest supplement from Spanish brand Big Man Nutrition, which is a weight-loss supporting product packaged in that signature Animal Pak format. The supplement brings together a variety of ingredients in a combined total of eight tablets and capsules that are then put into their own little packs, where fans simply tear open and throw down.

Big Man Nutrition has squeezed a fair amount into Ignix Pack, with ingredients to support energy, focus, metabolism, water loss, appetite suppression, and absorption. The brand has conveniently separated the ingredients for each of those benefits into their own color of capsule or tablet, so if, for example, you didn’t want the energy or focus ingredients, you could throw away the pills for those effects and take the rest.

A few highlights from Big Man Nutrition’s Ignix Pack include a combined 170mg of caffeine from several sources such as guarana and black tea, and 300mg of the multi-benefit ashwagandha. Choline bitartrate is in there as well for focus but at a light 150mg, and the common water loss ingredients, horsetail, dandelion, and juniper with more respectable dosages.

Big Man Nutrition’s Ignix Pack is not supremely loaded; as mentioned, it has gone with a variety of reasonably dosed ingredients to support a handful of weight loss benefits, as opposed to supporting fewer effects more comprehensively. The pack product is available now through the brand’s website and retailers in Spain with the former pricing Ignix Pack quite high at €49.90 (58.08 USD) for only 24 servings instead of the usual 30.