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Black Skull refreshes its flagship pre-workout and adds 2g of beta-alanine

Black Skull Bone Crusher 2021

Bone Crusher is the flagship pre-workout from Brazilian brand Black Skull, which has seen several iterations and versions over the years, including one introduced about a year ago in Bone Crusher Nitro 2T. The major brand is rolling out an all-new formula of its core Bone Crusher pre-workout, not a spin-off, and it is similar to the one already on the market.

Black Skull’s 2021 edition of Bone Crusher has carried over all four main ingredients from the last one with slightly different dosages, plus two all-new features to support performance. A single serving of the supplement has half a gram of arginine, 370mg of taurine, 1.2g of creatine monohydrate, 2g of beta-alanine, a precise 52mg of l-citrulinyl-l-arginine, and of course, caffeine at 140mg.

Black Skull Bone Crusher 2021 Label

It is worth noting Black Skull’s latest iteration of Bone Crusher has the BetaPure logo on the front of its label, which is a branded form of betaine, although we can’t see that listed in its facts panel. Another important detail is the regulations in Brazil are strict, and while this formula is nothing like what you get in the US, it’s on par with other pre-workouts we’ve seen from the country.

Black Skull’s 2021 Bone Crusher doesn’t have any additional word attached to its name, the brand is simply calling it Bone Crusher, and if you head to its online store, you can find it in stock there. The pre-workout is available in 30 and 60 serving tub sizes at 79.90 (14.68 USD) and 139.90 (25.70 USD), respectively, in the one citrusy flavor, Hot Orange.