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Body Attack keeps its holiday tradition alive with a special edition flavor for Christmas

Body Attack Apple Cinnamon Protein Powder

While we don’t see the German brand Body Attack in the news all that often when it comes to the holidays, it is one of the many you can count on for something special edition. This year is no different, with Body Attack revealing and releasing a Christmas-themed flavor for a protein powder, similar to what we saw last year, although this is not the same protein or flavor.

Body Attack’s special edition effort for the holidays this year is a Baked Apple Cinnamon flavor of its protein powder Power Protein 90 with a 25g serving packing about 20g of protein and 92 calories. You basically get the supplement’s usual macros but with a Christmassy twist in the Baked Apple Cinnamon flavor, and the product is available now in Germany in a large 1kg tub.