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Energy Drink category added to Stack3d’s annual Brand Of The Year Awards

Energy Drink Brand Of The Year

A couple of years ago, we introduced several new categories for our annual Brand Of The Year Awards, outside of our original overall supplement company winner. That included the addition of Functional Food Brand, International Brand, and Newcomer Of The Year, all based and judged on the same sort of things we look for in our Brand Of The Year.

At the end of 2021, for our tenth Brand Of The Year Awards, we are adding yet another category to the list that we’ve been thinking about ever since we launched our annual energy drink showdown, Clash Of The Cans. Joining that list of awards that are up for grabs by any brand of any size from any country in the world is Energy Drink Brand Of The Year.

Like our other awards, this will go to the energy beverage company that has kept things interesting from the start of the year to the finish with fun and exciting flavors, products, promotions, and campaigns. The energy drink market has grown to a point where we think it more than deserves an award, especially with all of the new brands that have come on recently.

Our Energy Drink Brand Of The Year Award is open to essentially any brand that has an energy drink and consistently develops and expands that product. That means a supplement company with an energy beverage could walk away as the winner, although from what we’ve seen, it is mostly dedicated energy drink brands that have been leading the way.

The Stack3d Brand Of The Year Awards are announced one at a time, with the nominees named then the winner a few days later, with one category every week throughout December to January. That structure will remain in place for this year, so you can look forward to seeing the first-ever Energy Drink Brand Of The Year winner named in about two months or so.

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