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ESN keeps it simple with just caffeine and theanine in its all-new Crank Focus

Esn Crank Focus

German brand ESN, the maker of the top-rated protein bar Designer Bar, has followed up the recent release of its stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout Crank Pump Pro, with another Crank-named supplement. Crank Focus is the latest product from ESN, and instead of being all about pumps, it is a focus formula, and it’s a lot simpler than Crank Pump Pro.

ESN’s Crank Focus is a straightforward, two-ingredient supplement, combining 100mg each of caffeine and theanine, tucked into a small, single capsule-serving. As mentioned, the product is simply designed to support energy and focus, and with one capsule having 100mg of caffeine and 100 capsules in a full-size bottle, you can increase the serving to your preference.

ESN’s own online store is one of the first places stocking Crank Focus, and it is currently discounted from €16.90 down to slightly more reasonable €13.52 (15.68 USD).

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