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Peach Rings BCAA Energy makes it two exciting new flavors from EVL this week

Evl Peach Rings Bcaa Energy

A few days ago, we shared EVL’s take on the cereal craze, with its first-ever breakfast cereal-style flavor for its premium, lean, whey isolated-based protein powder 100% Isolate Protein. The popular and very well-established brand calls the creation Fruit Hoops and it features colorful cereal all across the label, suggesting it’s a Froot Loops-inspired experience.

Fruit Hoops 100% Isolate Protein isn’t the only new product from EVL this week, as the brand has also released an equally creative intriguing flavor for its hybrid amino supplement, BCAA Energy. The product that brings together BCAAs and natural caffeine is now available in a sweet and tasty Peach Rings flavor, based on the popular candy of the same name.

You can purchase EVL’s Peach Rings BCAA Energy from its major retail partner, where like Fruit Hoops 100% Isolate Protein, there is a sale available. You can currently buy two bottles of BCAA Energy and get one free, bringing it down from its regular $21.99 for a 30 serving tub to $14.66 each, and they can be whatever flavors you decide.

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