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Finaflex starts its Hardcore Series with the energy-infused EAA Hardcore

Finaflex Eaa Hardcore

Stimul8 Hardcore is Finaflex’s more intense stimulant pre-workout supplement, a spin-off of its original and long-running pre-workout more simply named Stimul8. The brand has now created a Hardcore Series from Stimul8 Hardcore, introducing a second product carrying that name with the amino EAA Hardcore, which also has ingredients for energy.

Finaflex’s EAA Hardcore is, first and foremost, an amino-based recovery supplement featuring a combined 7.5g of EAAs, with 5g of that being BCAAs and the rest made up of the remaining six EAAs. Alongside that, to make EAA more than just an amino, are a gram of glutamine and half a gram of arginine, and an energy blend, including 150mg of caffeine.

EAA Hardcore is an interesting way for Finaflex to take Stimul8 Hardcore and create a Hardcore Series, but it could certainly path the way for more products and build into a larger collection. With energy being the consistent feature between the current Hardcore supplements, that may lead to things like a Hardcore fat burner, Hardcore nootropic, and more.

Finaflex is now stocking EAA Hardcore in the online store on its website, where a full-size tub of 30 servings of the energizing amino will cost you $39.95 in Psycho Peach and Lit Lemon-Lime flavors.