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Finaflex introduces another one-of-a-kind snack in the Protein Cream Cake

Finaflex Protein Cream Cake

When Finaflex came out with its Oatmeal Protein Pie, we gave it a lot of praise due to how unique the format of the protein snack was. Instead of going with the traditional bar, the brand recreated the classic oatmeal cream pie and infused that with protein. The result was a soft, smooth, and sweet protein pie that feels more like homemade baking than a high-protein snack.

Finaflex has once again come up with an extremely non-traditional on-the-go product in another baked treat style format. The Protein Cream Cake is the latest protein snack concept from Finaflex, featuring two soft and moist cakes with a tasty cream in between them. It is launching in the one rich Chocolate Cake flavor, although knowing the brand, there will be more to follow.

The macros of Finaflex’s Protein Cream Cake start with a moderate 14g of protein with milk isolate as its primary source, then 21g of carbohydrates with 11g of that sugar, 19g of fat, and 300 calories. The product has the same sort of calories as the brand’s original Oatmeal Protein Pie; however, the numbers providing that aren’t, as the protein is lower, and so are the carbs.

Finaflex is looking to release its promising, most likely tasty, and extremely unique Protein Cream Cake at the end of the month in single packs and boxes of 12, and you’ll be able to purchase it from several retailers, including the likes of GNC.