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Glaxon aims for even better energy, focus, metabolism and fat loss in Slyce V2

Glaxon Slyce V2

Glaxon has launched the long-awaited sequel to its stimulant fat burner Slyce with the fittingly named, or the supplement referred to as, Slyce V2. The Newcomer Of The Year for 2020 aims to achieve the same sort of effects and benefits in V2 as it did with the original. That includes increased energy, enhanced metabolism and mental focus, and support for appetite control.

The weight loss supplement brings together a lengthy list of ingredients to achieve all of those effects, and while we haven’t tried it, we imagine it won’t have any trouble hitting its target. We found out first hand Glaxon’s stimulant-free fat burner Thermal is incredibly effective in its areas of thermogenesis and focus, so we know it can put together a reliable competitor for the category.

Glaxon Slyce V2 Label

You can see the full formula behind Glaxon’s Slyce V2 in the image above, which has some similarities to its predecessor, carrying over the likes of evodiamine, rauwolfia, and fucoxanthin. Some of the new additions to the product are tyrosine, premium Zembrin branded kanna, and it now has half a milligram of alpha yohimbine, as opposed to 1mg each of yohimbine and alpha yohimbine.

The primary goal with any of Glaxon’s sequel supplements is to improve on the previous version, so essentially, if you enjoyed the original, you’ll likely enjoy Slyce V2. The price of the weight loss product is also right around its other sports nutrition supplements at $44.99 or $36 if you use our Stack3d Insider coupon, and it comes with 30 servings a bottle to supply you for a full month.