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Gods Rage the latest to jump on the cream of rice trend with a simple unflavored product

Gods Rage Rice Pudding Instant Meal

Another German supplement company in Gods Rage has gone ahead and done similar to what we saw from Big Zone earlier this month and put together a basic cream of rice-based carbohydrate product. The brand has given its competitor for the trend of cream of rice supplements a very straightforward name to match the simplicity of its formula in Rice Pudding Instant Meal.

It is made entirely out of sifted rice flour, with no flavor or sweeteners as it comes in the one unflavored option, and in a 50g serving, it provides 41.5g of carbohydrates, 7.7g of protein, and under a gram of fat. Gods Rage’s Rice Pudding Instant Meal comes in a large 3kg tub size, which is enough for 60 servings at that 50g weight, and it costs €26.90 (31.31 USD) from Gigas Nutrition.