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Promising Protein Cookie from Got7 covers a crunchy cookie in delicious chocolate

Got7 Nutrition Protein Cookie Coming Soon

This Saturday, the always creative and enjoyable German functional company Got7 Nutrition is dropping an entirely new product with the simply named Protein Cookies. It is obviously a cookie that is high in protein, although the catch with this one is it’s not a circular chewy protein bar labeled as a cookie or a high-protein cookie lacking that familiar crumbly cookie consistency.

Got7 Nutrition’s Protein Cookie is more of a dessert cookie, featuring a crunchy and crumbly, salted caramel-flavored main body, and to top it off, you get a coating of deliciously sweet chocolate. The product comes with two moderately sized cookies per pack, and while we don’t know any of its exact macros, the brand has said it’s low in sugar and calories, two things it has proven it’s very good at.

The upcoming Protein Cookie plans on delivering on its name as well, having a reasonably high percentage of protein at 21%, so say the cookies weigh 20g, that’ll give you about 4.2g of protein in each. Once again, the German brand is dropping the promising product this Saturday through its website, but definitely be quick, as we did just see its Advent Calendar drop then sell out within hours.