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Another new flavor coming this Thursday from Hosstile for its amino Silo9

Hosstile Tangy Raspberry Silo9

Fresh off the release of the Sour Peach flavor of its stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout Bloodshot, Fouad Abiad’s brand Hosstile is dropping another flavor extension. This time around, the addition is to its amino supplement Silo9, featuring a full spectrum of all nine EAAs at a combined 8g per serving to support recovery, plus a few other ingredients for hydration.

Hosstile’s Silo9 currently only comes in two flavors with Blueberry Lemonade and Orange Pineapple, with the product’s third option continuing that fruity theme in Tangy Raspberry. That upcoming product is actually dropping in two days’ time on Thursday of this week, at precisely 2 PM Eastern Time through the brand’s online store at the usual Silo9 price of $32.99 a tub.