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3D Energy confirms the summery flavor of its upcoming Alphaland collaboration

Alphaland 3d Energy Drink

Following on from the recent preview of 3D Energy’s special edition flavor put together for Christian Guzman’s long-awaited and upcoming opening of Alphaland, we have an update on what we’re in for. You can see the product in more detail in the image above, featuring a very obvious and vibrant yellow color, and on the front, 3D Energy and Alphaland’s logos.

The latest news from 3D Energy and its founder Christian Guzman is that the yellow-colored 3D Energy for Alphaland is said to have a summery icy lemonade taste. There has yet to be a flavor of the energy drink we haven’t enjoyed, from the original hit White 3D Energy to our two favorites, Green and Orange; we have no reason to believe this won’t be on point.

As far as we know, the icy lemonade Alphaland 3D Energy drink will have all of the same great highlights as the other flavors, including no sugar, only 20 calories, and a reliable 200mg of caffeine for energy. There is still no set date for when the 3D Energy and Alphaland collaboration is dropping, although it’ll presumably be around the time Alphaland opens.

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