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Storm Lifestyles gets a fresh new look and a revamped selection of supplements

Introducing Storm Lifestyle

Almost no day goes by where an all-new supplement or functional food company comes to market, with the health and fitness industry growing like crazy when it comes to competitors. Storm Lifestyles is one of those newer brands to enter the industry, or technically re-enter, as it has been around for a bit, but at this past Olympia, it relaunched itself with a completely different look and feel.

You can get a look at the refreshed Storm Lifestyles in the image above, which has really switched to a more modern, lifestyle type design, giving off a feeling similar to the likes of RYSE, Ghost, and mostly, Northbound Nutrition. The brand is kicking off its relaunch with three separate supplements, each of which is for a popular category in pre-workout, weight loss, and nootropic.

All of Storm Lifestyles’ products are named after their category or primary benefit with Storm Pre-Workout, Storm Focus, and Storm Burn. The formulas powering the supplements are moderately dosed, with a selection of common and reliable ingredients. Nothing is included at an overly high amount or supremely low; again, the products simply fit in with the majority of their competitors.

Storm Lifestyles Pre Workout Label

Storm Lifestyles Pre-Workout is a great example of what you get from its lineup, which you can see the formula for in the image above. It has 300mg of caffeine for an increase in energy, VitaCholine and a gram of tyrosine to support focus, 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, and 4g of Kyowa Quality citrulline to enhance pumps, with a few other ingredients to further support those effects.

If you’d like to check out the entire revamped family of supplements from Storm Lifestyles, you can head to its website at, where you can purchase its products too. At the moment, there is only Storm Pre-Workout and Storm Focus on there, with the fat burner Storm Burn coming soon, and the brand also has some apparel with four different branded tees to choose from.