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Lemon Lime keeps the new flavors coming from the growing Rowdy Energy

Lemon Lime Rowdy Energy

Despite how new and young of a beverage brand Rowdy Energy is, it has been doing a great job at extending the menu of its flagship products, the regular and zero-sugar energy drinks. It wasn’t that long ago the growing brand dropped a new flavor for each of its beverages, a classic Blue Raspberry for zero sugar and Grape for the drink with 80 calories a can.

Rowdy Energy is back this month with another flavor extension, adding to the already slightly more extensive menu of its zero-sugar energy drink with a significantly lower five calories. The latest addition to the product is another traditional taste like Blue Raspberry, with Lemon Lime, made without artificial colors and flavors and packing 160mg of natural caffeine.

As per usual, the first place to get your hands on Rowdy Energy’s new Lemon Lime flavor is through its online store, where a case of a dozen cans of the energy drink, sugar-free or regular, will cost you $29.95.

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