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New flavors double the size of Magic Minos’ menu and add 33% more servings

Lime And Cola Magic Minos

Magic Nutrition from Australia has dropped two new tastes for its amino supplement Magic Minos, and while that is great news, that’s not the only exciting development for the product. The supplement itself is a fairly typical amino competitor featuring all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery with 6.7g of Amino9 and an additional 2g of BCAAs, then a blend of electrolytes for hydration.

Magic Minos debuted in two flavors with the tropical recipe Island Time and the candy-inspired creation Red Frog, based on the popular Australian candy of the name with raspberry-flavored red frogs. Magic Nutrition’s latest is as mentioned, two more flavors of Magic Minos, doubling the size of its menu with Lime, and an option you tend to see more of internationally in Cola.

Magic Nutrition’s Magic Minos has also had its value increase as it now has 40 servings per tub instead of 30, and from what we know, there is no change to its formula, and the price on the brand’s website is the same at $69.95 (52.21 USD). We haven’t seen the product’s facts panel, to be 100% sure, but if you come across it and see 8.7g of aminos per serving, then it is indeed better value.