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Sneak peek at MTS Nutrition’s Clash pre-workout sequel called Clash-3D

Mts Nutrition Clash-3d Sneak Peek

Clash is the original stimulant pre-workout from the Tiger Fitness house brand MTS Nutrition, and it has been around for several years. Since that supplement, the brand has dropped a few other pre-workouts, including the high-stimulant formula Ruckus, the pump-supporting Vasky, and another balanced and well-rounded pre-workout named Sniper.

Sometime soon, MTS Nutrition is revisiting its original pre-workout Clash, giving it a fresh new formula and calling it Clash-3D. You can get a glimpse of the product in the image above, where you don’t see a lot, mostly just the title. We don’t know too much about the ingredients in the sequel, only that it’ll aim for a similar complete experience to its predecessor.

Based on the name, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the up-and-coming pump ingredient 3D-Pump in Clash-3D, as attaching “3D” to the name is something we just saw from Performax’s new HyperMax also featuring 3D-Pump. More details on MTS Nutrition’s revamped pre-workout should be along soon, especially with the frequency of teasers slowly heating up.