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Details surface on MTS Nutrition’s Vasky-like pump pre-workout Determinate

Mts Nutrition Determinate

Vasky is a supplement from Marc Lobliner’s sports nutrition brand MTS Nutrition that has been around for several years. It is a relatively simple, stackable, and stimulant-free pre-workout that primarily focuses on enhancing muscle pumps. An all-new product from the brand has now surfaced and from what we can see, it could be replacing the long-running Vasky.

Determinate is an upcoming supplement from MTS Nutrition, and much like the already available Vasky, it is built to enhance muscle pumps without any stimulants. Determinate is also powered by the same three main ingredients as Vasky, with 2g of HydroMax branded glycerol, 3g of taurine, and a full dose of the premium branded pump ingredient Nitrosigine, at 1.5g.

MTS Nutrition’s Determinate is already listed over at the retailer Tiger Fitness, although it is currently out of stock and not available for purchase yet. Once again, we don’t know for sure that Determinate is replacing Vasky, only that it features the same key ingredients, dosages, and 30 serving size, and it is worth noting, Vasky is currently out of stock at Tiger Fitness.