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MusclePharm puts 300mg of caffeine and 600mg of BCAAs into its all-new energy drink

Musclepharm Combat Energy Drink

MusclePharm is finally on the home stretch of its return to the energy drink category with its all-new energy-enhancing beverage, the Combat Energy drink. The brand announced the product earlier this year alongside Wreckage Energy and Shred Energy, and now we have more details on it and confirmation that it’s launching within the next week at the retailer Muscle and Strength.

MusclePharm’s Combat Energy drink is similar to many other beverages from sports nutrition brands, and it features a solid 300mg of caffeine for a strong boost in energy. Caffeine is the main ingredient in the brand’s first energy drink, although there are a few others in there with a blend of B vitamins, a very low amount of BCAAs at 600mg per can, and the product has no sugar and zero calories.

The Combat Energy drink is launching in a total of three flavors, one or two of which are common in Black Cherry, Green Apple, and Grapefruit Lime, all with no artificial colors or flavors. Once again, MusclePharm has said the beverage is set to launch through the reliable sports nutrition retailer Muscle and Strength within the next week or so, and we assume at a price similar to its competitors.