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Protein Pancake maker Nano launches another pre-workout that’s stimulant-free

Nano Supps Hype Pump

Hype Beast is the stimulant pre-workout from ä, more commonly known as Nano Supps, which is the European brand behind the unique, popular, and tasty Protein Pancake. Nano has now released a second pre-workout under the name Hype Pump, featuring a similar set of ingredients to Hype Beast; however, its main point of difference is that it’s stimulant-free.

We haven’t seen the full facts panel behind Nano Supps’ Hype Pump, although, as mentioned, we can confirm it has a similar set of ingredients to Hype beast just without the stimulants. Like that previously released pre-workout, Hype Pump has citrulline malate and the brand’s NanoSigineBlend, but at slightly higher dosages of 7g and 2.55g, respectively.

As you could probably guess by the name and the ingredients listed above, Nano Supps has built Hype Pump to enhance muscle pumps and mental focus. It really seems like the new supplement is intended to be a stimulant-free alternative to the brand’s original pre-workout Hype Beast, as opposed to a separate product you can enjoy on its own and stacked.

Nano Supps is saying Hype Pump is out in stores and on shelves starting this month, so for those of you in Europe, you can look forward to seeing the stimulant-free pre-workout in the brand’s usual retailers soon if not already.