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Upcoming Value Size saves you 17% per serving on Nutrex’s amino EAA+

Nutrex Eaa Value Size

EAA+ from Nutrex is a supplement that falls under the brand’s more recent Warrior Series, and true to its name, it brings together all nine essential amino acids, plus a few other ingredients. Each serving of the product packs a combined 8g of EAAs, with 6g of that BCAAs, plus 1.5g of taurine, coconut water, and premium Calci-Kelectrolytes for hydration.

Since it came to market, Nutrex’s EAA+ has just the usual 30 serving tub size available, which now has five flavors to choose from and a direct-to-consumer price of $39.99 from In the coming weeks, the supplement company is dropping a second size of EAA+, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages but with 50% more servings.

Nutrex’s much larger option of EAA+ is called the Value Size, packing a total of 45 servings, and it’ll cost you $49.99, making it about 17% cheaper per serving. The downside is the bigger EAA+ won’t have as many flavors to choose from with only one, although it is a completely new flavor for the recovery and hydration product in Pink Lemonade.

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