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Bang Energy is getting an all-new flavor exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe

Nectarine Blueberry Bang Energy Drink

Bang Energy has announced the coming of an all-new flavor of its popular energy drink, although as we’ve seen from the brand a few times before, this one is not going to be available everywhere. The upcoming product is an exclusive put together for the major health and nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, and it is due to be officially launched in the coming weeks.

You can see a teaser for Bang Energy and The Vitamin Shoppe’s partnership beverage in the image above, featuring a color combination of purple and orange. Based on the picture and some of the hints and clues we’ve seen out there, we’re guessing this is a refreshing fruity concoction like a Nectarine Blueberry Bang Energy drink, with the product’s usual zero calories.

The next new flavor of the beverage, whether it be a Nectarine Blueberry Bang Energy drink or something else completely, is, as mentioned, releasing sometime in the coming weeks. Being a product exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe, that is, of course, where you’ll need to go to get your hands on it, in-store and online, where a case of Bang Energy usually costs $25.99.

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