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Redcon1 prices Breach+ exactly the same as Breach despite the added energy

Redcon1 Breach Plus

Redcon1 has launched its all-new energy-infused amino supplement Breach+, a spin-off of its BCAA-based Breach, similar to the since discontinued Breach Ballistic. Based on how much simpler the brand made Breach when it reformulated the product in the middle of last year, we suspected Breach+ would also be a fairly straightforward supplement.

We were spot on with Redcon1’s all-new Breach+, as it is indeed a basic combination of the regular BCAA product Breach, and energy. Each serving of Breach+ has 6g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio for muscle recovery, just like Breach. Then alongside that, you get a 175mg blend of energy-increasing natural caffeine from green coffee and guarana.

An even more interesting fact about the new Breach+ is that despite the added ingredients for energy, Redcon1 has priced it exactly the same as a tub of Breach. Like the brand’s original amino supplement, Breach+ has 30 servings per tub, and through, it costs $24.99, and that is not including any athlete or ambassador coupon codes.