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SNS adds another well-put-together health product to its lineup for blood pressure support

Serious Nutrition Solutions Blood Pressure Support Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions is known for many different supplements, having one of the more diverse lineups in sports nutrition, and it doesn’t hold back on any of the products either. The brand’s stimulant-free fat burner Lean Edge is a great example of that, with over 15 transparently dosed ingredients to support weight loss and some of the benefits around that.

Blood Pressure Support continues that theme for Serious Nutrition Solutions, which is its latest advanced and complex supplement bringing together another reliable blend of ingredients to provide a comprehensive experience. The product is built to deliver on its name, supporting blood flow and cardiovascular health, and helping users maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Serious Nutrition Solutions Blood Pressure Support Xt Label

Many of the ingredients in the Serious Nutrition Solutions supplement are the premium branded kind, including 300mg of MegaNatural grape seed, another 300mg of pine bark, and 600mg of hawthorn berry. The pump blend S7 is in the mix too at 50mg, and finally, one more premium ingredient with 3.4mg of lactotripeptides from Amealpeptide hydrolyzed milk casein.

The price of Blood Pressure Support is not all that expensive directly through Serious Nutrition Solutions’ website, especially when using our Stack3d Insider coupon. The cost of the product is $39.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, and if you use our Insider code, you’ll drop that a further 20% down to $31.99, plus free shipping if you can push your order total up to over $75.