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Stack3d awards season kicks off November 15th with the start of Protein Wars

Stack3d Awards Season

With the end of the year slowly approaching, so is our exciting awards season, and for 2021, it is indeed going to be a busy but fun next couple of months. If you’ve been following along, we have a lot of additions to our annual Brand Of The Year Awards, on top of the protein powder showdown Protein Wars, so we’re going to lay it all out to make it easier to keep up with everything.

In the third week of November, Protein Wars is starting, which, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s where we get our fans and followers to vote on what protein powder they believe to be the most popular. We’ve been running the competition for several years, seeing many different champions crowned, including Ghost Whey, MAN Sports ISO-Protein, and the current champion, Pro Jym.

Once again, round one of this year’s Protein Wars is beginning Monday, November 15th, and it’ll go for the usual four rounds, lasting one week each. During that week, we’ll be announcing the nominees for our Functional Brand Of The Year, then the following week, we’ll announce the winner. We’ll repeat that pattern for each of the categories in our Brand Of The Year Awards.

  • Functional Brand Of The Year (week of 11/15)
  • Newcomer Of The Year (week of 11/22)
  • Energy Drink Brand Of The Year (week of 11/29)
  • International Brand Of The Year (week of 12/06)
  • Protein Wars Champion (week of 12/13)
  • Brand Of The Decade (week of 12/20)
  • Overall Brand Of The Year (week of 12/27)

We’ve listed the weeks each of the award winners will be announced above, with the nominees for the categories coming one week prior. As mentioned, it is indeed going to be a busy next couple of months and rewarding for everyone nominated and crowned. Be sure to congratulate all of the brands when they’re revealed and take part as much as you can in Protein Wars.

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