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SteelFit puts a solid 20g of collagen plus hyaluronic acid into Steel Collagen

Steelfit Steel Collagen

The originally topical company SteelFit brings together a balanced blend of sports nutrition and lifestyle in its selection of supplements with the likes of the pre-workout Steel Pump and the superfood formula Steel Greens. This week the brand is welcoming another product to its lineup, which falls more on that lifestyle side than sports nutrition.

Steel Collagen is the latest effort from SteelFit, and as you could probably guess based on the name, it is indeed a collagen-based supplement designed to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Each of the product’s 28 servings packs a good amount of collagen at 20g, which in turn gives Steel Collagen 18g of protein and a calorie count of 70.

To make Steel Collagen a little more than a straightforward powder collagen supplement, SteelFit has added a few other ingredients to the mix, including 2.5mg of vitamin B7, better known as biotin. To further support the product’s beauty and joint goals, you also get 100mg of hyaluronic acid and 90mg of vitamin C to improve collagen synthesis.

Steel Collagen is available now through SteelFit’s online store at $39.95, and as mentioned, it has 28 servings, which you don’t often see when you get 20g of collagen per serve. The supplement comes in two actual flavors with Orange Mango and Dragon Fruit, and for easier use in things like healthy baking and smoothies, there is an Unflavored option.