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Introducing Vitinity and its selection of health and wellness pills, shots and gummies

Vitinity Health And Wellness Lineup

Vitinity is a supplement company that takes reliable health and wellness ingredients and puts them into various formats of products, including your traditional capsules and tablets, as well as gummies and shots. The herbal shots are its biggest focus at the moment, where it takes popular ayurvedic herbs and puts them into compact, pocket-sized, 30ml shots.

Each of Vitinity’s shots is named after their main ingredients, such as Amla Blast, Turmeric Blast, and Ashwagandha Blast, featuring 4.5g of ashwagandha root and 3g of amla juice in a citrusy lemon-flavored shot. The brand also has a selection of complex tablet supplements packed with a lot more than the one or two main ingredients like in the shots.

That list of Vitinity tablet supplements includes Clear Airways for respiratory health, the detoxification formula 3 Day Detox, and the anti-alcohol product Drink Support. There is one other item the brand has in that line which highlights all of its benefits in its name with Mood, Neuro & Immune Support, with all of those Vitinity tablet supplements relying on a variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients.

You can check out Vitinity and its health and wellness-focused collection of products on its website, and through there, you can also purchase any of its supplements, shots, and gummies.

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