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‘Merica Energy’s tasty new Mountain Dew-like flavor arrives at its usual price

Alpine Pew Pew Merica Energy

‘Merica Labz’ all-new and long-awaited Alpine Pew Pew flavor for its popular energy drink ‘Merica Energy, is available for purchase starting today. The brand confirmed it was working on the flavor long before it relaunched its reputable beverage, which came in July with a fresh new look, the same energizing formula, and a menu of five different flavors.

The Alpine Pew Pew ‘Merica Energy is said to be ‘Merica Labz Mountain Dew-like flavor, something we have seen other beverage brands attempt and come out successful. Unfortunately, there is no introductory deal available celebrating the launch of Alpine Pew Pew, only the brand’s regular price through its website of $29.99 for a case of a dozen cans.