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Pineapple and coconut meet in Yummy Sports’ next new flavor of EAA

Yummy Sports Pina Colada Eaa

Yummy Sports has announced a new flavor for its tasty amino acid supplement, simply named EAA, as that is its main ingredient, with a full spectrum EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair. The product has roughly 5.5g of all nine EAAs combined, and as per usual, most of that is BCAAs with about 4g of it, and there are electrolytes in there as well to improve hydration.

The upcoming flavor for Yummy Sports EAA is a bit different from its other five, and instead of being fruity or candy-themed, this one is a cocktail-inspired creation in Piña Colada with a mix of pineapple and coconut. The brand has said the product’s cocktail flavor will be up and available for purchase through its website within the next few days, where a tub of EAA costs $49.99.

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