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Alpha Lion announces two Supresa-powered supplements to help reduce cravings

Alpha Lion Cravings Killer

Tomorrow Alpha Lion is launching two entirely new supplements, both centered around the same specific area of the weight loss category, although one is a little simpler than the other. The more straightforward product is another entry in the brand’s Gains Candy Series of standalone, mostly single-ingredient supplements, with its latest being Supresa, a patented form of saffron.

Alpha Lion’s Gains Candy Supresa relies solely on the benefits of its key title ingredient, which are reduced cravings, improved appetite control, and fat loss support. The other product is as mentioned, a little more complex, not just featuring one ingredient with Cravings Killer. The supplement is true to its name and designed to do much the same as Gains Candy Supresa, but once again, it has a more complex formula to get the job done.

Alpha Lion’s Cravings Killer relies on three premium ingredients to reduce cravings and improve appetite control with InnoSlim, Chromax, and just like the Gains Candy product, Supresa saffron extract. The brand is indeed launching both Cravings Killer and Gains Candy Supresa sometime tomorrow, through its online store, with the former expected to be the more expensive of the two.