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Apollon’s second version of Kumite is almost here and its new name is Lionheart

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart

Apollon Nutrition fans may remember, a few months ago, the hardcore supplement company announced it would completely revamp one of its long-time products in Kumite. For those not familiar with the supplement, it is a pre-workout of sorts; however, not a stimulant-fueled formula like Hooligan or Assassin, something more focused on performance and endurance.

Kumite V2 will continue that goal of increasing and enhancing performance and endurance but with a much more comprehensive combination of ingredients. It is going to have twice as many active ingredients as its predecessor, including premium NO3-T nitrates, and instead of capsules, the brand is moving it to the more common pre-workout format of powder.

Another significant detail Apollon Nutrition mentioned many months ago was that it would be changing the title of Kumite, although, as mentioned, still keeping that focus on supporting performance and endurance. The brand has now shared the name of its highly-anticipated Kumite revamp with Lionheart, and after the lengthy wait, it is arriving within the next month.

Apollon Nutrition is indeed planning to have Kumite V2, or officially Lionheart, out and available before the end of the year, giving fans another option to power their workouts and intensify its lineup. The formula behind the product should be shared soon, so as always, be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for more information and developments.