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Atlhetica infuses coffee with focus and thermo ingredients to create Smart Coffee

Athletica Nutrition Smart Coffee

Brazil’s Atlhetica Nutrition has introduced an entirely new collection of products, all of which are of the same type, with their format being the separator. It is called the Smart Coffee Series, and it is made up of three items, the flagship Smart Coffee bulk powder, Smart Coffee powder in single-serving stick packs, and Smart Coffee in coffee pods.

What makes Atlhetica Nutrition’s Smart Coffee so smart is that it is a lot more than just coffee, and that is the case for all of the product’s various versions. Smart Coffee combines coffee powder with nootropic, thermogenic, and general health ingredients, including taurine, guarana, ginger, turmeric, carnitine, coQ10, chromium, and cayenne extract.

The aim of Atlhetica Nutrition’s Smart Coffee is to give you that familiar taste and energy of coffee with added benefits, most importantly, enhanced focus from the nootropic ingredients. Other important details are Smart Coffee has zero calories, no sodium, and is lactose-free, and it’ll be available in Brazil soon from all of the brand’s usual retailers.