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Beyond Yourself releases a flavor series inspired by its home country

Beyond Yourself Grape White North

Canadian company Beyond Yourself has created a new flavor series, inspired by the nickname of its home country, with Grape White North. The flavor is, of course, grape-themed or white grape to be exact, and as mentioned, it is a series, as the brand has put it together for three separate supplements, all aiming to provide that same sort of grape taste.

You can see Beyond Yourself’s complete Grape White North collection in the image above, with the flavor being produced for the brand’s stimulant pre-workout SuperSet, the amino AMRAP, and the hybrid focus-infused product Amino-Q. Something else you’ll notice with the supplements in the line is they feature an eye-catching label design to match the flavor.

Beyond Yourself’s website is the first place stocking the Grape White North flavor of SuperSet, AMRAP, and Amino-Q2, all at $44.99 (36.24 USD) a tub except for SupetSet, which is a bit higher at $54.99 (44.29 USD). The special edition series is rolling out to stores as well, so if you prefer to buy from one of the brand’s retailers, they should have it soon.