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European giant Body & Fit releases bags of protein bites in dairy and vegan versions

Body And Fit Protein Bites

Major European retailer and brand Body & Fit has two new bite-sized protein snacks out this month with Protein Bites and Vegan Protein Bites. The products feature the same sort of build as one another with doughy pieces, the regular version topped with caramel, and both wrapped in chocolate; the key difference is one is plant-based, and the other is not.

Body & Fit Protein Bites and Vegan Protein Bites have 3.1 to 3.5g of protein per 10g bite alongside 2.9 to 3.4g of carbohydrates, well under a gram of sugar and fat, and 29 to 34 calories. The regular Protein Bites is the one with the marginally higher amount of protein at 3.5g, although overall, the vegan version has the lower calories coming in at 29 per piece.

While they have their differences, Body & Fit’s Protein Bites and Vegan Protein Bites aim to provide the same convenience, with on-the-go snacks to get in some protein with almost no sugar and low calories. You can grab either product from Body & Fit’s online store with Protein Bites slightly cheaper at €5.99 (6.75 USD) for a 100g bag in a Salted Caramel flavor, and Vegan Protein Bites €8.49 (9.57 USD) for the same size in Dark Chocolate Raspberry.

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