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Saffron Bun becomes a protein powder as a part of Body Science’s Xmas releases

Body Science Christmas Saffron Bun

MM Sports’ house brand Body Science has jumped in on the fun of the season of giving and created not one or two but four special edition flavors for Christmas. Two of those are available for two separate protein powders, and the other two are for an amino, and to make things even more interesting one of them is inspired by a traditional Swedish baked treat.

Body Science’s list of Christmas editions begins with its BCAA-based amino, simply named BCAA, which is responsible for two of the flavors in the strawberry and vanilla Santa’s Sweets, and the cola-themed Winter Cola. The other two are available for the brand’s protein powders Casein Protein Pudding and Whey 100%, and they are Gingerbread and Saffron Bun.

Saffron Bun is the flavor creation based on a traditional Swedish baked good of the same name, which is a sweet bun with raisins throughout and commonly shaped as a reversed letter “S”. All of those limited Christmas-themed flavors from Body Science are available from MM Sports with the proteins at 179 kr (20.34 USD) and BCAAs 269 kr (30.57 USD).