Bombbar covers cashews in milk and dark chocolate for new protein dragee flavors

Nov 22nd, 2021
Bombbar Protein Dragee Cashews

Dragee is a type of treat that covers things like peanuts and almonds in a sweet and delicious coating, and it’s something the Functional Brand Of The Year for 2021, Bombbar, has in its line under the Chikalab family. The Russian brand has actually had it available for quite some time and expanded it on several occasions with different nuts in the center and flavors around the outside.

As the month of November comes to a close, Bombbar has dropped more flavors for its Chikalab dragee snack, which, in the brand’s usual style, is high in protein and has no sugar. The releases are the brand’s first cashew-based dragee under Chikalab, with one wrapped in regular milk chocolate and the other rich dark chocolate, packing 24g of protein and around 640 calories a bag.

You can grab either or both of Bombbar’s chocolate and dark chocolate cashew dragee from its local Russian online store in reasonably large bags of 120g, and they’re not all that expensive at 240₽ (3.27 USD).

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