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Dynamine and TeaCrine give brands more reason to use them in gaming supplements

Compound Solutions Gaming

Gaming has become one of the bigger categories in the supplement industry, seeing the launch of brands entirely dedicated to the space as well as sports nutrition companies putting together something specifically for it. Most of the products are centered around increasing and enhancing energy, focus, concentration, and reaction for better performance while gaming for many hours.

There are plenty of ingredients from other supplement categories that support those benefits and effects, with Compound Solutions’ pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine being two of them. The ingredient company has been marketing those two towards the esports world, and now it has specific research backing it up and giving brands more reason to put them in their products.

There was a study Compound Solutions shared earlier this year conducted on a world renowned gaming platform by the eSports company Statespace where Dynamine, TeaCrine, and caffeine showed better cognition, accuracy, and reaction time than caffeine alone. There is also a more recent study performed at Nova Southeastern University where Dynamine, TeaCrine, and caffeine improved cognitive control versus standalone caffeine and helped reduce caffeine side-effects like jitters and anxiety.

There are quite a few gaming supplements on the market that already use Dynamine, TeaCrine, or the two together with other energy and focus supporting ingredients. Some were launched before these studies, with the likes of Spitfire’s Demon Gamer, Glitch Energy, and Genius Gamer. If you want to check out those studies in more detail, click on the highlighted text in the paragraphs above.