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X-Gamer brings the popular combination of licorice and raspberry to its gaming supplement

Dark Rush X Gamer

Gaming company X-Gamer out of Sweden, which uniquely makes a powder, beverage, popcorn, and protein bar for gamers, has released a new flavor of its signature supplement. The self-titled product X-Gamer is the brand’s flagship item, featuring a blend of ingredients to increase and enhance energy and mental focus, including 200mg of caffeine.

The newest addition to the menu of X-Gamer’s gaming supplement is Dark Rush, and it is not your typical flavor bringing together a combination of sweet raspberry and black licorice. The clash of those flavors is actually popular in the Nordic region; in fact, not that long ago, the Finnish brand Battery created a limited black licorice flavor of its energy drink.

X-Gamer’s all-new and rather intriguing Dark Rush X-Gamer is available now through its online store at its usual price for a tub of 60 servings of the supplement at 349 kr (40.91 USD).

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