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Gold Standard continues the creativity in the second flavor of its protein bar

Gold Standard Nutrition Honeycomb Crunch

Gold Standard Nutrition, known for its nutritious Pot-O-Gold high-protein microwaveable meals, has something for the more traditional side of the industry this month with another flavor of its Better For You Bar. Up until this week, the product only had one taste to choose from, although it is an intriguing one with Rocky Road, aiming to deliver all of the taste and texture of traditional rocky road but with more protein.

The second flavor of the Better For You Bar from Gold Standard Nutrition is Honeycomb Crunch, so a somewhat similar texture to Rocky Road, filled with crispy pieces, cherries, raisins and made using real chocolate. The nutrition profile of the UK brand’s Honeycomb Crunch Better For You Bar has the same 16g of protein as Rocky Road, alongside 23g of carbohydrates with 12g of that sugar, 12g of fat, and 249 calories.

Gold Standard Nutrition has done a great job at keeping the creativity started with its Rocky Road flavor of the Better For You Bar, and continuing it with Honeycomb Crunch. You can grab the product’s second flavor from the brand’s website at £5 (6.73 USD) for a pack of three or £20 (26.91 USD) for a box of 12; however, Gold Standard does require you order £30 of its frozen products to be able to order any protein bars.