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Got7 Nutrition covers high-protein waffles in rich and delicious dark chocolate

Got7 Nutrition Protein Waffles

Got7 Nutrition is known for putting together some incredibly unique protein snacks and healthy food alternatives, which is one of the main reasons it was nominated for this year’s Functional Brand Of The Year. Basically, whenever the German brand has anything new, it’s almost always something different and exciting, and that is exactly what it has once again this week for its fans.

Got7 Nutrition has released Protein Waffles featuring a solid 6g of protein in each of its mouthwatering dark chocolate-covered waffles. We have tried plenty of the brand’s products and know it has no trouble delivering a delicious chocolate taste. Due to that, we can only imagine how good Got7’s all-new Protein Waffles taste, and it’s also worth noting the product has no added sugar.

Protein Waffles from Got7 Nutrition come in small boxes weighing 180g, and with each waffle tipping the scales at 30g, you get a total of six of the bite-sized treats. The latest Got7 creation is expected to be out and available in all of its usual stores in its home country of Germany and Europe soon, and as delicious as it looks, it won’t be that expensive at around €5 (5.64USD) a box.