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Apple Pie and Cinnamon Bun come to HealthyCo’s Proteinella for Christmas

Healthyco Christmas Edition Proteinella

HealthyCo is another Swedish functional and healthy food company that has put together something for Christmas, with two special edition flavors of its moderate protein spread Proteinella. The product isn’t supremely high in protein, packing just 3.78g in a 30g serving thanks to the small addition of whey, with 13.2g of carbohydrates, 10.8g of fat, and 150 calories in its Hazelnut and Cocoa flavor.

The Christmassy flavors of HealthyCo’s Proteinella, which are only available for a limited time, are both fairly traditional holiday-themed baked treats in Apple Pie and Cinnamon Bun. They are out now in all of the brand’s usual markets and feature the product’s typical benefits with added whey concentrate for that mild increase in protein, no palm oil, the sweetener maltitol, and zero added sugar.

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