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Chris Bumstead’s line of supplements return to Jacked Factory as the Unfinished Series

Jacked Factory Unfinished Series

When Chris Bumstead announced his departure from longtime sponsor Jacked Factory, then eventually went on to become a co-owner of Raw Nutrition, he said his line of supplements from that brand would live on. The two CBUM Series products were confirmed to be keeping all of their original ingredients and dosages, but with Bumstead himself no longer an ambassador, the name was going to change.

This week, Jacked Factory has released that renamed CBUM Series through its website, now titled the Unfinished Series. As mentioned, it features those same two supplements with the well-dosed pre-workout Unfinished Pre-Workout and the whey isolate-based protein powder, Unfinished ISO Protein. They also have their same original flavor options and currently cost $34.99 for a full-size tub of either product.