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Two new Hydra-Charge flavors coming next week in an also new stick pack bundle

Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge Variety Pack

At the moment, Kaged Muscle’s hydration supplement Hydra-Charge is only available in bulk tubs of powder in four different flavors, Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Apple Limeade, and Fruit Punch. There is Hydra-Charge AMPed which is available in single-serving stick packs, although that is a separate product infused with tyrosine and caffeine for energy and mental focus.

Kaged Muscle’s original Hydra-Charge is getting a stick pack option on Monday of next week through the brand’s mobile app, then a few days later on Thursday in its online store. The new option for the supplement is actually going to be a variety bundle, where you get two flavors in the one box, and both of them are completely new with Strawberry Yuzu and Glacier Grape.

The Hydra-Charge stick pack variety bundle will be split down the middle, with a total of 20 servings per box, ten each of Strawberry Yuzu and Glacier Grape. As far as we know, it will feature the same Hydra-Charge formula to support hydration, combining electrolytes, taurine, coconut water, and Spectra, and it is not expected to be as cost-effective as that regular tub.