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Kill Cliff combines CBD and 125mg of clean caffeine for its new drink Octane

Kill Cliff Octane Killer Cliffsicle

Tomorrow, directly through its online store at, beverage brand Kill Cliff is releasing yet another flavor of a hemp-infused drink packing 25mg of CBD per can. The news comes just a few weeks after the brand dropped the special edition version of its G.O.A.T. flavor of the same product, featuring one-of-a-kind artwork from clothing company Mishka NYC.

The latest flavor creation from Kill Cliff is an orange creamsicle-inspired experience called Killer Cliffsicle, although it is a bit more than another flavor. Killer Cliffsicle isn’t actually for the brand’s original CBD beverage; it is for a completely new one called Kill Cliff Octane. As mentioned, it features that same 25mg of CBD per can but alongside 125mg of clean caffeine.

Kill Cliff Octane is launching tomorrow, through the brand’s website, in that all-new and orange creamsicle flavor Killer Cliffsicle with no sugar and 15 calories. We don’t know how much the beverage is going to cost, but being that it’s CBD and caffeine, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s higher than the brand’s simpler CBD drink, which carries a regular price of $69 a case.

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