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Muscle Moose releases a multivitamin gummy infused with CBD and 5-HTP

Muscle Moose Cbd Moose Jellies

Muscle Moose is known mostly for its energy drink Moose Juice; however, it does have many other products on the market. There is the UK brand’s high-protein mousse dessert, the Beaver Bar protein bar, the Moose Juice Energy Shot, and just recently, it dropped Plant Party protein powder. Muscle Moose has added to that selection once again, although not with an energy or protein-focused product like we typically see.

Moose Jellies is an all-new creation from Muscle Moose, combining 10mg of CBD, 5mg of 5-HTP, vitamins, and minerals, into delicious orange and strawberry-flavored gummies. While CBD is the main ingredient in the product, it’s really more of a multivitamin gummy with CBD and 5-HTP thrown in for added benefits. The gummies are bear-shaped, which is a missed opportunity as moose-shaped would have been a great fit.

You can purchase Muscle Moose’s Moose Jellies from its website and extensive list of retail partners. You get 30 of those orange and strawberry-flavored gummies in every bottle, with the brand recommending you have no more than seven a day. The price of the product directly from Muscle Moose through its online store is a reasonable £22.99 (31.01 USD).