Naughty Boy formulates a seriously loaded pump product for its Winter Soldier Series

Naught Boy Winder Soldier Pump Focus

The Winter Soldier Series is a limited edition line of supplements from the UK-based brand Naughty Boy that is only available during the cold months of winter. There are four products in the series, and while Naughty Boy has always put together solid formulas with reliable ingredients and dosages, this collection certainly seems to take things up a notch.

One of the standout supplements from Naughty Boys’ Winter Soldier Series is Pump + Focus, which has a strong emphasis on the former. Pump + Focus is a stimulant-free pre-workout for those two effects in its title, pump and focus, and it has one helluva formula to back them up. As mentioned, the pump aspect of the product is what helps it stand out above the crowd, with a big thanks to its premium NO3-T nitrates.

To enhance muscle pumps, Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier Series Pump + Focus is packed full of NO3-T nitrates, including 2g of arginine nitrate. There is also 2g of citrulline nitrate combined with 8.52g of regular citrulline to provide 10g of full-yield citrulline. NO3-T beta-alanine nitrate is in there too at a gram and also combines with the regular beta-alanine at 2.66g, to give you the usual 3.2g of full-yield beta-alanine.

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Pump Focus Label

While that is a lot of nitrates to power pumps, 5g of nitrate ingredients to be exact, Naughty Boy has also thrown in AmentoPump, Setria glutathione, and a hefty 5g of betaine. For the focus side of Winter Soldier Pump + Focus you get 1.5g each of n-acetyl-l-carnitine and tyrosine, a combined 600mg of citicoline and alpha-GPC, and 65mg the branded Brainberry, and to top it all off, 50mg of AstraGin for better absorption.

Naughty Boy’s entire Winter Soldier Series is due to roll out in the coming weeks, with Pump + Focus due to arrive alongside three other well-put-together supplements for different and similar areas of the industry. We’ll share those other products in the coming days, which includes a stackable stimulant pre-workout, an amino, and a comprehensive health formula.